Hi. I’m Carolyn Nevin.

I became a writer the summer I convinced the neighborhood kids to act in my variety show. Writing was a hobby growing up, not a recommended career choice for a girl in my family.

Years later I was teaching biology at a rural high school. Our school district became the proud owner of a 21-acre former cotton farm less that two miles from the school. My principal wanted to develop the property into an outdoor environmental classroom.

We had the land, we had the buses to transport our students—I even got my bus driver’s license—but we teachers had no equipment and no money.

That was when I discovered grant writing. We were finally able to purchase state-of-the-art equipment, such as portable water test kits to use at the small stream on “the farm.”

In the budget for one grant, I included two composting toilets. I had seen them in use at Walden Pond in Massachusetts and thought they would provide a “green” learning opportunity. It was fun teaching about those toilets, which always elicited the typical teenage “yuck” response.

The farm captured my heart forever. I missed it when I retired early to become a full-time caregiver. But I did start a blog about it. You can check it out at Pilgrims at Penny Farm.

These days I am combining my passion for writing with my lifelong passion for education. With over twenty years of experience in the classroom and several years teaching distance learning classes, I am ready to work for you!

I also have experience with teacher training, course development, and workshop presentations at the national level. In fact, my writing ability helped me win four national teaching awards. It was exciting to see my picture in Time Magazine when I received the RadioShack/Tandy Technology Scholar Award in 1999.

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